EU Module Exercises for USAR, AMP/S, TAST and EUCPT 2015/2016

01/2015 - 12/2016

Service Contract n° ECHO/SER/2014/695319







Module Exercise under cold conditions in Tinglev/ Denmark 

From 29 January to 1 February 2016, the second EU Module Exercise (ModEX) organised on behalf of the European Commission by the consortium of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe Germany, the Ministry of the Interior Austria, the Crisis Management Centre of Finland, the Danish Emergency Management Agency and the Italian Department for Civil Protection took place.

This exercise at the DEMA Emergency Services College in Tinglev, Denmark set its focus on urban search and rescue as well as the medical response under cold conditions following a simulated earthquake in "Modulistan".

One advanced medical post from Italy, two medium USAR modules from Austria and Estonia, a technical assistance and support team from Germany as well as a Union Civil Protection expert team participated in the exercises. The Austrian USAR module was assisted by personnel from Slovakia, while the advanced medical post from Italy received support from a German medical skeleton team.

A total number of over 300 responders, local role-players, trainers and exercise staff contributed to the success of this exercise.


First medical only EU Module Exercise in Arcevia/ Italy

The first medical EU Module Exercise in the framework of Union Civil Protection Mechanism took place from 9 till 12 October 2015 in the area of the municipality of Arcevia, Regione Marche, Italy.


Three Advanced Medical Post's from Estonia, France and Spain, a skeleton medical team from Romania, the Technical Assistance and Support Team from Latvia / Lithuania as well as a Union Civil Protection Expert Team exercised the medical response in the earthquake affected virtual European country 'Modulistan' under coordination of the World Health Organization. 'Modulistan' was played as not being a member state but a candidate county of European Union.


In total a number of 400 responders, local role-players, trainers and exercise staff contributed to the success of this exercise. After the end of the exercise a common social event took place in the city of Arcevia.

Special thanks to the "Civil Protection Department of Regione Marche, Municipality of Arcevia and volunteers of 13 voluntary organisations".

EU Module Exercises 2015/2016 - LOT 4


As the number and severity of emergencies is rather increasing and civil protection modules are deployed internationally, the sensitivity and importance of a competent performance in an international environment is essential. International cooperation and the creation of synergies between the various actors are vital in the case of a major emergency - which was shown only recently in the earthquake in Nepal in spring 2015 and the floods in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in summer 2014. The comprehensive training of EU response assets prior to their deployment is a central element of an effective and efficient European disaster preparedness strategy.


The consortium of Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V., Germany, Crisis Management Centre, Finland, Ministry of the Interior, Austria, Danish Emergency Management Agency and Italian Civil Protection Department has been contracted by the European Commission to conduct three module exercises for USAR and AMP/S in the period of 2015/2016.  


The consortium reflects the need of international cooperation by designing, planning, conducting and evaluating three field exercises that will provide a realistic setting within a safe environment where the participants can train to cooperate and coordinate closely with various local, national and international actors. In the setting, it will be possible for the participants to experience all phases of a real international deployment. Building on the experience of recent deployments and the lessons identified from previous exercises, current exercise preparation, the existing training programme and the latest policy developments, the consortium will develop and implement three comprehensive exercises. The exercises will integrate and reflect on the latest challenges in the field of European Civil Protection, while following international rules and guidelines.

Location  Team-Configuration Date Specific Focus

Exercise n° 1



Italy - City of Arcevia



3 x AMP/S

1 x EUCP

1 x TAST

09.10. - 12.10.2015



Medical modules



Exercise n° 2




Denmark - Tinglev

DEMA Emergency Services

College, USAR training facility


2 x USAR

1 x AMP/S

1 x EUCP

1 x TAST

29.01. -01.02.2016




Cold conditions


Exercise n° 3




Austria - Region of Vienna

Austrian Armed Forces Military

Training Area Tritolwerk

2 x USAR

1 x AMP/S

1 x EUCP

1 x TAST

08.06. - 11.06.2016